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Welcome to Grinding Gears!

Grinding Gears is a release-based modular campaign that showcases many unique mechanics, storytelling techniques, and combat elements.

Grinding Gears is set in the world of Anduril. Many years ago, a ship set sail from the coasts of the Old Kingdom in search of new lands. This ship, however, met a terrible fate, wrecking on the shores of the very land they were hoping to find. However, they were not alone. Over the course of many decades, the crew of this ship united the villages present in this new land, which they called Nirn.

It is now the Third Era, marked by the downfall of the Old Kingdom to an Orc Warlord. In this time, Nirn has cultivated civilization and created it’s own kingdom at the base of an outcropping of mountains known as the Bilgan Spires. The Bilgan Emperor is the first this kingdom has had, and after much thought and decision making, he has decided to hire a group to expand the borders of Nirn past the sea to the south and the mountains to the Northeast. This is where your adventure begins…

Home Page

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